'Love is all there is...before you can love another, you must first learn to love yourself'

Cindy Willcocks, 2014

Arterne Logo with CIC high resArterne: Enriching the next generation CIC is a not for profit organisation working to support communities.  Based on principles of love and integrity, Arterne CIC was founded by Cindy Willcocks in August 2016 and focuses on supporting individuals, businesses and communities to be the best version of themselves that they can be, promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Arterne CIC raises awareness about mental health and its’ links with physical health.  Tackling the stigma of the mental health term, Arterne CIC promotes the message ‘we all have mental health’, viewing mental health as everybody’s business and focused on balancing a Healthy Body: Healthy Mind.

In addition to a wide range of accessible options aimed at supporting individuals, businesses and communities through project work, group work, individual work and work with families, Arterne CIC offers business development, creative solutions to support innovation and improvement, consultancy and bespoke skills based training workshops.

Arterne CIC has a passion and energy for supporting individuals, businesses and communities to feel empowered.  Promoting the model of ‘L.O.V.E Leadership’ is at the core of everything offered by Arterne CIC employees and volunteers.

Arterne CIC offers mental health assessment and support for individuals and whole families across all age ranges.  Key projects include Platform 50: Coaching and Mentoring for women aged 16-25; Operation Snow: OS #Not just for Christmas: providing company and conversation on Christmas Day as well as essential items all through the year.

Alongside partners agencies, Arterne CIC offers SEA-ing Changes: activity based group work on the beach for whole families in collaboration with Beach Schools South West CIC and ‘KOFEE?’: in collaboration with Youth Focus South West CIC.

For further details please click on the individual links, email enquiries@arterne.com or contact 07554665461.

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Cindy Willcocks, Founder, Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC 

After starting her training in Plymouth, 1997, Cindy qualified as a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMHN) in February 2000.  Since completing her initial training Cindy has studied extensively and these achievements are listed below for your information.

In the final year of training, Cindy was based at HMP Dartmoor working to support the visiting Consultant Psychiatrist and detainees.  It was her work at HMP Dartmoor which sparked her interest in studying Auricular Acupuncture, which she has now practiced for over 18 years which now includes being a South West Regional assessor of other practitioners on behalf of The College of Auricular Acupuncture.

Cindy has worked across a number of sectors focusing on education, health and social care, in a variety of community and inpatient settings, specialising in mental health and substance use across all ages.  Most importantly Cindy has always been a strong advocate for the people using the services she has worked within and has empowered individuals, children, young people and their families to have a ‘voice’ in service developments at all levels.

Working to effect change within whole systems was a development which Cindy welcomed as an extension of her clinical work.  Cindy been successful in various change management  roles and has championed reducing the stigma attached to the mental health term which has received National recognition.

Cindy has also always made some time available to volunteer for local Charitable causes and boards, acting as a trustee for The National Association for Primary Mental Health Work and CAMHS Training, Jeremiah’s Journey; Lifeworks, Plymouth Octopus Project and Eolas+.

Promoting the message of ‘No health without mental health’, Cindy has continued her work by founding Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC and Arterne 2 Nurse Limited.  The creation of ‘L.O.V.E Leadership’ is captured in her book ‘Draw A Heart Around It: A revolutionary  mental heath treatment for individuals and companies’ and Cindy founded The L.O.V.E Leadership Academy to help other people implement it into their personal and professional lives.

Arterne CIC was created from a passion and love to understand the importance of mental health within everyday life and the company ethos aims to support and challenge individuals, businesses and communities to spread unconditional love, enriching the next generation.

Dip HE Nursing (RMHN); Bsc Health Studies; PG Cert in Transformational Leadership; MA in Professional Practice: Critical Issues for Practice Development; Certificate in Education; Level 5 Diploma Management and Leadership (Residential) 

Non-Medical Practitioner (specialising in mental health and substance use); Eye Movement and Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist; International Consultant for STORM Skills based training (suicide prevention and self-harm mitigation)

Comprehensive Diploma in Auricular Acupuncture (MSAAc.Dip); Zimabate practitioner; Basic Life Support Instructor

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