Platform 50

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Platform 50 is a young women’s coaching and mentoring project founded and led by Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC. It is a not for profit company. Arterne CIC is based on principles of love, integrity and respect. The project strives to help people be the best version of themselves that they can be. Equally, it aims to increase self-confidence and self-esteem, and reduce the impact of the internal dialogue that we can experience which can create self-doubt and stop us from achieving the things we want to do. Platform 50 can support women through a number of different situations and conversations which enable them to lead a healthy, happy life and make good choices that impact positively on their mental and physical health.

Platform 50 is supported by a group of volunteers from all walks of life, who meet with young women aged between 16-25.  There is no exclusion criteria for accessing Platform 50 and nor is there a waiting list, which means women can get immediate support through Platform 50.  However, where there is an identified need of a young women that may need specialist help, the information about how to access the right support is provided. Platform 50 also supports the volunteers who are supporting young women by offering coaching/mentoring/training in order to ensure they feel supported.

Platform 50 is already supporting a number of young women and needs to raise the money to take the project to the next stage and provide a project coordinator on a more substantive basis and an administrator to help support the project develop so that it can reach more women. The feedback from women accessing the project has been very positive and Arterne CIC is very keen to ensure that more women can  access this support. Women supporting women is a very powerful dynamic and there are lots of different ways that this can be done. Platform 50 is a simple idea with a powerful impact on the lives of young women.

In the future, Platform 50 is also keen to look at how it can grow to make sure that the same type of support is in place for young men.