Arterne: Enriching the next generation CIC launches Mental Health Awards 2020


Arterne CIC announced the inaugural ‘Arterne to make Mental Health Matter Awards’ in 2019. This exciting development provided an opportunity for Devon & Cornwall businesses, schools, GP’s and community agencies to share the good practice being offered to local people, employees and communities promoting and supporting mental health throughout 2019.

Arterne CIC received an overwhelming number of nominations for each award category which made the selection process for winners extremely challenging. The awards evening took place on World Mental Health Day sponsored by The Boathouse Plymouth and Malavita who provided the entertainment where we danced the night away to some fantastic live music!

Nominations for 2020 awards are now open and can be made by everyone. It is a really great opportunity to highlight the amazing work of individuals and businesses who are making a difference to ‘Mental Health’. Completed applications will be reviewed by a number of judging panels who will select the overall winners of each category.
There are 19 award categories which can be found below and Arterne CIC are also inviting businesses to sponsor award categories between now and the final event. The opportunity for businesses to get involved in a celebration which significantly impacts on peoples lives should not to be missed. With a growing number of pressures affecting people, businesses are well placed in knowing how these pressures impact on employees and companies. The promotion of mental health in the workplace is an area of development needed and Arterne CIC has pledged to make this a priority by linking with business leaders to put plans in place.
With 1 in 4 people reported to have experienced a mental health problem, raising awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health is extremely important. There are lots of fantastic campaigns and support offered to people promoting good mental health and lots of advice available about where to get help, all of which is having a positive impact within our communities. Overall rates of death by suicide in the UK are increasing and we are hearing a huge number of stories shared by the media which reflects the uncertainty that people face as we continue to hear about many tragedies. There is still work to do to ensure that everyone receives the help they need at a time that they need it and we hope that the awards will be another step towards achieving this.
For more information about getting involved and sponsoring an award category click on the link
Lets celebrate and ‘Make Mental Health matter’. Nominate your mental health champion by completing the application below and save the date for the awards ceremony which is planned to coincide with World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10th October 2020.

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