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SEA-ing Changes was co-founded in 2017 by Arterne CIC and Beach Schools South West.  SEA-ing Changes can help to support families who may be wanting to improve and maintain positive mental health within the family unit, as well as focusing on educational and environmental factors.

Arterne CIC and Beach Schools South West work in partnership to deliver activity based group work on the beach as a six week psycho-educational programme focusing on mental health promotion to support challenges at home or at school, through family based intervention. A full term arrangement to support families and young people is also available and can be supported by individual work where required.

SEA-ing Changes is a programme that has been developed as a result of the profound positive outcomes of outdoor learning on the beach. Beach Schools South West deliver outdoor learning activities on the beach for children from disadvantaged communities who are unable to access outdoor learning in their everyday lives for a variety of reasons. Sessions are linked to the curriculum if required to help attainment levels and engagement in the classroom, which are extremely valuable to learning. The SEA-ing Changes programme consists of six sessions (one per week) that are delivered  to children who are suffering specific issues in their education, health and wellbeing. These children might be on the verge of exclusion and be struggling with education, their behaviour is challenging and they will very often be working 1:1 or in some cases 2:1 with a teaching assistant. The 6 week programme invites them to join us out of the academic four walls environment and enables them to experience weekly sessions on the beach where they will attend with their families and teaching assistant/s.

We provide goal based activities such as building shelters, rockpool safaris, marine life identification, Beach art, lighting fires, toasting marshmallows and beach cooking, team games etc. These activities give the families valuable time together, working with each other and with other families. The sessions give the families an opportunity to escape the everyday challenges and pressures that they face and from experience, the success of the programme is profound. Every session is attended and evaluated by a CAMHS clinical lead, qualified in advising and mentoring children and families who have mental health and wellbeing struggles.
35% of primary school children living in Plymouth are living in low income situations and do not get to experience outdoor learning opportunities. Many do not have a family car, or the funds to travel to a beach with a reported (Natural England Jan. 2016) 81% of primary school children not ever having visited the beach in their entire lives. Scientifically proven to enhance health, wellbeing, educational engagement and physical activity, outdoor learning in the marine environment is something that we are passionate about and dedicated to delivering to children from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas of Devon and Cornwall.

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