CQC & Quality Improvement

Arterne can be commissioned as a guidance leader for care services that require help and support. Arterne will ensure that service users are receiving the best kind of care and that the facility is meeting everyone’s needs.

Commonly, care homes contact Arterne when they are in need of improved CQC ratings following a CQC Inspection.

A care home seeking to manage its reputation, maintain credibility and remain competitive must strive for a CQC rating of “Good” or “Outstanding”.

More information can be found on the CQC website.

Individual care providers facing less than perfect ratings should not feel alone. Based on recent ratings reports, many are struggling to meet its expectations, although the standard of care must continue to rise.


The overall quality of care in the major health and care sectors has improved slightly. At the same time, too many people are getting care that is not good enough, as demonstrated in the chart below published in the State of Care Summary 2017/18 on the CQC website.



Through committed and strategic service development Arterne can help care homes through these stressful periods to achieve the ratings their care home needs to ensure future growth and sustainability.



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