L.O.V.E Leadership Academy

loveblocks-810036Welcome to the L.O.V.E Leadership Academy

The model of L.O.V.E Leadership was created by Cindy Willcocks following her journey to self-actualisation.  After her own personal and professional development Cindy packaged up the key components of her journey which led her to a life of doing more of what she loved and less of what she didn’t, which she recognised can be a struggle for people to achieve. This was when L.O.V.E Leadership was created and packaged into a model which would enable others to have the same benefits as she did.

So now you can wake up happy every day by following the 4 simple steps of L.O.V.E Leadership which initially focuses on how you conduct yourself as a leader of you.

There are many life pressures that can have a negative impact and cause people to feel unhappy in their lives.  L.O.V.E Leadership can help people to overcome these feelings and help to create a life of freedom.

Based on principles of love, the model uses L.O.V.E as an acronym to assist people to take a journey into living a the life they want to live through these 4 steps;

Listen – actively

Own – remember your roots

Voice – have a voice and don’t be afraid to use it

Empower – engage, educate to evolve

These steps can take you to a hassle free life which gives you freedom to live your chosen life.

Click here to find out more about our growing community of people promoting the L.O.V.E Leadership Academy.

For more details about L.O.V.E Leadership you can be added to the pre-sales list to receive a discounted copy of Cindy’s book which is currently £10.00.  ‘Draw A Heart Around It: A revolutionary mental health treatment for individuals and companies’ is due to be published in the next couple of months and you can be first in line to receive a signed copy of the book from the author.  Click the link now to reserve your copy.

You can also attend the exclusive official book launch in the UK as a VIP guest.  This gives you an opportunity to meet the author to discuss the L.O.V.E Leadership model with the person who created it and have a personal signed message added to the book that you will receive at the event. Click the link now to reserve your VIP place at the exclusive book launch.

For more information about how to book a place on the L.O.V.E Leadership Academy please email enquiries@arterne.com or contact 07554665461

There are 2 levels of the L.O.V.E Leadership Academy to attend which may be of interest to you and your choice will be dependent on how much time you can commit to the experience.

There is a 1 day experience taking place on Monday 2nd September 2019 from 10.00-15.00 in the Plymouth area (venue to be confirmed). The cost of this experience is £120, which includes refreshments and lunch, however, you can currently book at a discounted rate of £40 by clicking on the link and selecting the relevant reward. This is really an opportunity not to be missed.

There is also a weekend residential experience taking place on Friday 20th September 2019- Monday 23rd September 2019 in Plymouth and surrounding area (venue to be confirmed).  Anyone interested in booking a place will need to email enquiries@arterne.com to express an interest.




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