Operation Snow



Operation Snow was founded 4 years ago to initially help families at Christmas who were on a low income, on their own, or homeless people. Cindy Willcocks originally developed this idea after volunteering at a local church on Christmas day the previous year (2014). Cindy wanted to encourage the Christmas spirit and share the concept of unconditional love. The ‘community veg peel’ takes place on Christmas Eve where volunteers peel all the veg for the Christmas dinner for the following day. They also now receive donations which originally started just for Christmas. However, donations have been being given to operation snow who then gives it to individuals who are not able to get the items themselves. It is now suggested that Operation Snow would work just as well after Christmas Day where there is less support and interests in supporting people.  Following this, they have created the hashtag #notjustforchristmas. By this, it enables individuals who are less fortunate to receive support and care throughout the whole year round. This promotes them to stay healthy and well, especially with operation snow who can try and provide the items and facilities needed to maintain the healthy lifestyle. It also links with making mental health better as it is ensuring that individuals who need/want help and support are able to receive it. They are able to meet new people, ask for help when required, work on constructing their life in to a more positive and successful path. Most of all it prevents loneliness and sadness not only on Christmas day, but throughout the whole year.  It informs individuals that they are not alone.

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